by Christina Barnes, eldest daughter of Cindy Ramos
written and read on 2/2/2010

There are no words to describe what our family has been through since August 6, 2009 - the day Robert
Morgan and Jorge Morgan brutally slaughtered our mother, Cindy Ramos.
I wouldn't expect either of them to understand any of it, as only the 'SOUL-LESS" would be capable of
inflicting the pain and terror they bestowed upon our mother that fateful day, when in the previous months,
Robert Anthony Morgan, Plunkett, Costello, whatever the true name, befriended our mother...smiling in her
face when all the while he was planning Jorge stated..."get rid of her".

Our mother, Cindy Ramos, the beautiful and lively 58 year old woman who was truly coming into her own,
the woman with a hearty laugh and a great sense of humor,
the woman with a heart of gold, that gave food she didn't really have to the homeless,
that took in complete strangers without question because "it was cold outside", that even took them food
after they stole from her,
the same woman who took so much pride in her children...
who gave birth to us,
who took care of us above all else,
fed us when we were hungry,
nursed us when we were sick,
by Kimberly Elisan-McKinney , youngest daughter of Cindy Ramos
written and read on 2/2/2010

My name is Kimberly Elisan-McKinney and I am Cindy’s youngest daughter. I struggled immensely in trying to prepare
this victim impact statement, lost in my thoughts and blinded by my tears. How can one sum up such a huge loss in life
and how it has affected you, which is already beyond what words could ever explain, in just a few minutes?  How in one
day your entire world can be changed forever, affecting every aspect of your life with a type of pain you never even
knew existed, yet leaves you so utterly numb; a focused and fulfilled person now aimlessly walking through life with one
foot on earthly soil and the other constantly seeking and reaching for the heavens above, where the other half of your
soul now resides.

When they took my mother’s life, they took a huge part of me too. They took a huge part of all of us. I never could have
even imagined something like this happening, especially to such a beautiful and loving person like our mother. No
human being should ever have to endure this type of pain – knowing that the woman who brought you into this world
and gave you unconditional love...The only person who holds all of your life’s memories...was taken from her family –
SO BRUTALLY – way before her time. I’ve asked myself ‘Why’ over and over again, but have come to realize that we
will never find that answer. How can you ever make sense out of something so senseless? There is no ‘Why’!!! No
justification for what these cowards did to our mother...My best friend. People do not even kill animals that way, and the
thought of what this two inhumane animals did to her, put her through – basically pure torture – has been, is, and
always will be unbearable and beyond what I could ever describe.

Mom was so excited about finally becoming a great grandmother. She was excited beyond any words I could ever
describe, and due to the heartless, senseless actions of these two...I can’t even call them men, or human for that
matter...she never even got the chance to see her first great grandbaby, born just weeks after her murder. As I look
into his little eyes and carry the love and pride of becoming a new grandmother myself, it is like everything else in life
has now become – Bitter/Sweet! The most beautiful and happy things in life can no longer have the same meaning, as
we will always be left with that void...That part that quickly turns your happiness back to hurt, pain and sorrow...
Knowing that she should be here to share in our joy, as she so wanted to and deserves to be. And as always, those
feelings end up taking me to the same place – where my thoughts always end up at...To her final moments and how
she left the world she gave so much too...To the fear and terror in her eyes as she took her last breaths...To the pain
she suffered, in the physical form as well as the deepest emotional form...Knowing she had to succumb and let go, and
leave behind those she so dearly loved and lived for...Without ever even having the chance to say “Goodbye”.

Our lives were changed forever on August 6, 2009, when our mom was so brutally taken...Leaving me paralyzed with
grief and pain. Why Our Mother? Why Cindy Ramos? She had so much still to live for, so much humanity and
compassion still to share. I still need my mom. We all still need Our Mom. Yet these evil demons invited themselves into
our lives and took a mother, grandmother, now great-grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and so much more.
These cowardly murderers keep focusing on their rights not being granted, all the while knowing that they so callously
dismissed our mother’s right to live. Their contempt for a human life is beyond comprehension. Just how do you come
to terms with someone committing such acts of despicable cruelty, especially when no sign of any remorse so clearly is
shown by the constant smirks on their faces.

I don’t even know where I am going with all of this, other than trying to do the impossible, which is to describe in words
the pain we suffer and the impact this has had on our lives. I say this is impossible because it is indescribable, digs to
the depths of your soul, is completely life altering, and for us is only beginning – now 6 months into the life sentence we
have been committed to...Not by any choice or actions of our own, nor of our mother who suffered at the hands of
these animals.

But the lives of so many will never be the same again due to the soulless, heartless, inhumane, cruel, intentional acts
brought upon by these two who sit before us. No sentence given, be it life or death, will ever bring our mother back and
fill the void in our hearts we now forever carry. I guess the sole comfort is in knowing that a life sentence will at least
prevent another family from suffering this type of horrible pain at the hands of these two demons.
by Angelica “Angie” Maravilla , eldest grand-daughter of Cindy Ramos

I received a phone call from my mother
informing me that I have a chance to finally speak my mind.

As I entered my class at school, I take a seat. My legs shaking,... Why? I do not know.
My mind is racing... what seems like a million miles an hour.
I can’t sit still, my eyes on the clock,
I got up and left... I could not sit no more.
As I walk to my car... my legs continue to shake,
Why am I so scared to finally speak my mind?  Isn’t this what I needed to get off my chest?

The individual pain I feel for my grandma’s death,
We are all experiencing our own kind of pain.
Each one of us copes with it differently.
Some cry, some distance themselves from the world, some are angry, some can’t sleep,
Some seek counseling, some have horrific nightmares and flashbacks, some lost their personality,
Some never smile, some tried to hide it, Others cannot.

Our minds are forever altered, The question of ‘Why?’ will forever haunt us.
Time goes on, but our pain will always be there.
As each one of us are reminded of grandma through any little thing.
Her voice, laugh, smile, scent, warmth... We will never see again.
She was taken from us with such a brutal end.

So what do I have to say?   How do you describe the Indescribable?
Do I describe the pain I feel now?  Or the pain I will feel for eternity?

A wonderful woman taken within the blink of an eye,
It's the brutal manner that haunts me.
My grandma wasn't supposed to go like this.
The pain would be so much easier had it been a natural cause like most grandmas, but Murder?

My son (her first great grandson born weeks after she was taken) will now never feel the love I felt from her,
Before it left this hole in my heart..
There is no way to explain the lifetime of pain we have ahead of us.
The struggles we have yet to come, the countless tears that will continue to fall everyday,

I’ve watched every member of this family break down at different times.
It's hard to go on, but we know we must.

Some are in danger of losing their jobs, Others simply cant work.
To put on a smile to hide their pain is something they can’t do.
How is it possible when the thoughts of how and why continue to haunt them?

We too are victims, for it wasn’t just her life taken, but ours too.
She wasn't just a best friend to all, but my grandma...and the one person i could turn to.

Where do i turn to now that she is not here?
I guess I'll just drag along with my feet, because my heart is with my grandma.
Mabey one day I can find it within me to go pick it up,
But even if that day ever comes, it won't erase the pain.

I just hope that no other person will ever have to endure this type of unbearable pain...
Brought upon our family by these two evil men sitting before us.
taught us about life...and taught us how to love,

OUR MOTHER, was murdered in cold blood by 2 demons disguised as humans.  These demons didn't give a second
thought to who she was. They didn't care about her screams or cries, or the terror in her eyes as she faced the
inevitable. It meant nothing to the heartless beings that continued to inflict the pain, torture, and horror we know she
endured those final moments of her life.

Our mother died at YOUR hands on that day, and a piece of us also died right there with her on that floor. We have
been sentenced to a lifetime without our mother, and must live everyday with the thoughts of how her last moments
were spent....AND HOW SHE DIDN'T DESERVE IT!!!

Holidays will never be the same. Christmas will always have a gloom. Mother's Day will always have an emptiness, and
birthdays will also be filled with sadness. I will never see my mother grow old. I will never have the opportunity to see
her with gray hair and with old lady clothes. I will never be able to compare myself next to my mom, and ask..will I look
like you when I get old?? I will never see the love in her eyes again as she plays with her grandchildren. NO!!! That
was taken away from me. That was taken away from HER!! From ALL of her FAMILY, and ALL of her FRIENDS!! So
many lives impacted by MURDER...the heinous act which you two planned and carried out in a cowardly fashion.
It took 2 men, a knife, a rope, and the element of surprise to take her down. One of you wouldn't have had the BALLS
to do it by yourself because you KNOW my mom wouldn't go out like that!!

SHE WAS A FIGHTER!! She DID fight...and her spirit still fights through us 6 children, our children, through Her
Mother, Her Siblings, and through her Cherokee roots. Roots connected to a deep spirituality, roots that are one with
the earth and it's elements, roots that are in touch with touch with this life, and the next.

In this life, there can never be true justice, because Our Mother is gone forever. But knowing that neither of you will
ever walk the same streets as me and my children, knowing that neither of you will ever have the opportunity to harm
another innocent person, brings SOME justice.

In the next life, you 2 are already sentenced...sentenced to an eternity far greater than the torture you put our mother
through. Fiery pits await you and NO ONE will hear your cries. You will scream and beg for mercy, and NO ONE will
hear you...just like no one heard my mom. The difference is, with you two, NO ONE will care. You will both spend an
eternity in HELL, which is EXACTLY where you belong.

At present, you have seen us here at every court date. We are in numbers, and we are strong. We will get through
this nightmare, and we will honor our mother, CINDY RAMOS. Her Name, Her Love, Her Spirit, and Her Legacy will live
on forever in the light it deserves......while you two GUILTY MURDERERS ROT AWAY, IN THIS LIFE AND THE
Lil Daniel Always sleeps holding onto
Great-Grandmas ashes, and will reach & search
until he has it in his lil hand before he falls asleep.
by Nadine Tobin , mother of Cindy Ramos

This statement is related to my Daughter, Cindy Ramos, who was brutally murdered on August 6, 2009.  

First, I want to say that I wish I could be there today and comfort my Grand Children, who have   
endured this most difficult situation in their lives.  This also includes me, along with Cindy's sisters, brothers,  
nieces and nephews here in Henderson, Nevada.  

I would hope that Your Honor will make sure these two individuals will at least spend the rest of their  
lives in prison, but most importantly, you will make sure they are also separated in the prison system.  
With Mama included and now represented through a
photograph, the above photo represents 5 generations,
YES 5 GENERATIONS!!!  How often do you still see
five generations together? Oh how we wish Mama were
still physically here to make it it should be!!!
I cannot imagine what my Daughter could have done to make these VICIOUS and EVIL
men do what  hey did to Cindy.  There is one thing we do know, they will have to answer
to God hen the time comes.  

This family has endured their antics in court such as smirking, laughing, and carrying on
like a couple of sick individuals who have no sense of caring for human life.  I guess, it
may be comforting in some sort of way, to know that these two monsters will never see
the light of day nor ever hurt some other innocent life ever again.  

I want to say to my Grandchildren, what wonderful kids my daughter has and how strong
you all have been through the most difficult time this Family has ever endured.

I want to thank the District Attorney and their staff for their support while making sure
these two individuals are going to prison for the rest of their lives.  

Thank You for this opportunity and May God Bless Cindy and her Children...   

Cindy's Mom,   Nadine   
Our Victim Impact Statements
Our Victim Impact Statements
As the plea and sentencing came as a total shock to us on February
2, 2009... we were given only a couple of hours to prepare our victim
statements to read to the Court and the defendants.  I cannot begin
to describe how difficult and emotional that day was.  Our
statements are posted below...
Cindy Ramos
Cindy Ramos
In Loving Memory of:
In Loving Memory of:
Sunrise: August 22, 1950
Sunrise: August 22, 1950
Sunset: August 6, 2009
Sunset: August 6, 2009
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