Memories Instilled
Poem written by Kimberly Elisan-McKinney
youngest daughter of Cindy Ramos

I awake each morning to start a new day
But the pain of losing you never goes away.
I go about the things I have to do
And as the hours pass I think again of you.
I want to call you and just hear your voice
Then I remember that I have no choice
For you are not there and now my heart cries
Just to see you again to tell you goodbye
To say Mama I love you and I always will
And hope that much of you, in me you've instilled.
The day that you left I just didn't know
That you were going where I couldn't go.
And now all my memories of you are so dear
But gosh, how I miss you and wish you were here.
Who now can hear me when I need to cry?
It so hard to tell you "Mama goodbye."
Someday I know all will be well
And I'll see you again with stories to tell
Of how you were missed and how we have grown
And how good it is to finally be home.
Until then my memories of you I'll keep near
And I'll pass them on to those who are dear.
My Rock (My Mom)
Written by Kimberly Elisan-McKinney ,
In honor of our mother, Cindy Ramos

I often find myself
Just wanting to pick up the phone
To Dial my Mother’s number
Then I Remember…She’s not home

She was always there
And would answer every call.-
Just to sit and chat…
Or pick me up when I would fall….

Now, I wish I had
More times, to show I cared -
To say just how important
Were all those times we shared.

Could I have shown my love
So much more than I did -
Did I really show enough
Even when I was a kid?

Now it's too late… to do or say
All those things I wish I had -
No way to ease the pain inside
When my heart is just so sad.

She was my "anchor" to this life -
The "rock", that I clung to -
The place, where I could turn
When nowhere else would do.

Now these evil savage beasts
Have taken my "rock" away -
And all I have to cling to
Are memories of yesterday.
Please flip through Our Poetry book as we share various pieces of poetry written since our mother was so
brutally taken from us.  We miss her so very much and always will.  Rest In Paradise Mama.
Our Poetry written in Memory and Honor of
'MAMA CINDY'        Written by Becky Martinez, Cindy's Daughter In Law

M- others Day ,has always been a day We had looked forward to.  
We’d go to the Cemetery, to see Grandma Ann ,then off to Juanita’s with Our Crew.  
A- lways the first one to arrive at the Meet, because you were Always on Time.
Unfortunately ,your “Baby Girl “ didn’t take after you, so Kim was usually left behind.  
M-emories, Stories and Photographs, are the way that we’ll see you this year.  
But we’d gladly lock them away in our Minds, for a chance to have the real YOU here.  
A-nd of course, any chance your Offspring has had, to tell a Joke or Story in Your Name.  
Comes easy to them ,without a blink of an eye, because you Are a Woman without Shame!!!!!  
C-hrissy and Kim ,your Two Beautiful Girls , Miss you with each minute that goes by.  
But you’ve passed on your skills, of Goodness and Love, and you know that somehow they’ll Survive.  
Your Proudest Moments ,you‘d attest, are the things they’ve Accomplished, ever since the day you’ve been gone.  
There’s no Man, Woman, Mountain that could stop these Two Women …. for it was You ….that taught them to be strong!!!  
Their fight is not over … in fact it’s only begun…and we know you’ll be beside them each day.  
To Coach and to Council your determined Young Women ,Until In Your Name, “There Will be Change“!!!!  
I-nspiration- , You’ve given Me , though you might not have known ,was one of the Qualities you possessed .  
From Your death I’ve found out, so much more of Myself , much more than I would ever have guessed.  
Love Deeper, Try not to Judge ,and Always take Photos ,are just some things that I’m working on.  
But don’t think you can leave Now, I’m a Work in Progress, Oh No Lady ,Your Job is not Done!  
N-ow on to your Boys, the Three Rug Rats of course, a Handsome , Tough Group of Young Men.  
They’ve grown up so fast, but the last 9 months past , has taken a toll to No End. They are missing their Mom, the One  
Woman in their Life ,who gave them Unconditional Love.  
But now You’re their Angel, still providing all that ,only now ,it’s comes From Above.  
D-aniel your eldest, Mamas First Born Child , still wants to pick up his phone every day.  
Just to give you a call ,about nothing at all, cause you always had the right things to say.
He’d tell you a joke or complain about things, and you would kindly offer him your advice.  
By breaking it down, the best way you knew how, and reminding him “Daniel Jon, You be Nice”.  
Your Big Boy is truly just missing his Mom, and one thing that he’s said all along.  
He’s never known how, truly Deep Pain can go, without You , A Piece of His Heart is Now Gone.  
Y-our Son in law Steve, has been there all along , helping Chris and the Girls through Their Pain.  
But now, his Mom Bettye, has joined You and God, so they’re All Going through it Again.  
So give them some Messages ,every now and then, to let them Know You Both are OK.  
And tell the Big Boss ,I know he Must have a Plan ,cause he took Two of the Finest Away.  
Of course, all of your Grandkids, and your new Great-grandson ,will Always remember your Name.  
Your Picture may Fade ,in their Memory with Age, but Your Love, Spirit and Legacy will Remain.  
“ “  
'My Painful Reality'  Poem written by Kimberly Elisan-McKinney    
                                               youngest daughter of Cindy Ramos

I answered my phone and Freddie screamed “Mom is dead”
What was he talking about?  Did I misunderstand what he said?

He quickly hung up the phone;  My body & mind were so numb,
I felt so much pain in my heart...And to you I just wanted to run.

We drove so quickly to your house, But were told we couldn’t go in
We learned that two evil beasts took your life...
And committed a brutal unthinkable sin

At the police station, They confirmed it was true
Our Dear Mother was murdered...Oh My God…What do we do?

My heart seemed to stop, And then pound out of my chest
As I watched the pain of my siblings,  And all of the rest…

Oh how could this happen...To someone like you
For with you was taken, A piece of all of us too…

As you laid there alone, On that cold bedroom floor
I wished I could save you...Or even kiss you once more

But we learned it was brutal...A scene so tough to see
My Beautiful Mother, Was taken from me

I just felt so lost and so empty inside
A feeling that lasts til this day
The pain just goes deeper and deeper
Oh God…How could our Mother be taken this way?

Why couldn’t anyone save her, Or have shown up at her door
Even to offer her comfort...As she laid alone on that floor

With all the love that she gave
She did not  deserve something like  this
Such a wonderful woman
Whose Love  we always will miss…

You were taken so quickly...No chance for goodbye,
I try to be strong...But inside my heart I still cry.

I've heard  Heaven is a place of beauty, Far beyond the sky so blue
And try to find comfort...Knowing God has made you his Angel too.

I remember how I felt, When they said you were dead
I wanted my life to end and be with you,
But knew that could not be said

For you would want us to move forward, Knowing you are just fine
But Mom it’s so hard...Will the pain ever fade in due time?

I guess it is here I will tell you, The  goodbye I never got to say,
And how sorry I am I couldn't do anything
To help you or prevent them… taking you away.

But ‘goodbye’ seems so final, And I can't say goodbye yet forever,
I've a tear on my cheek… but a smile in my heart
For I know one day we'll be together.

"Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure...
You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure..."  .  

“You left us Beautiful memories, Your love still is our guide,
Although we cannot see you, You're Always at our side."

I Wasn’t There
Poem written by Kimberly Elisan-McKinney
youngest daughter of Cindy Ramos

On August 6, 2009, the Devil came to play
In human form he manifested and took your life away.
Unto his demons he whispered... Her love is far too great,
go slaughter, kill, destroy, who cares that it’s not late.
But God was also present, he wrapped you in his light
“come leave this shell, this human form, for this is not your
Yes they can have your body, let them do as they will,
for with each brutal strike, it’s their own soul that they will kill.
Your soul belongs with me, far away from human sorrow,
I'll give you peace, no fear, regret
No wanting for yesterday, today, tomorrow”.
So with his words you followed and left behind the pain,
Leaving behind a family, in whose hearts you’ll always remain.
Now we must bear the pain, you must now be our memory,
and live our lives with purpose, for the years you’re not here to
The tears still come to often, questions, regret and rage,
the details of that day will haunt us to our grave.
Six children lost a Mother,
And so many others have lost a Great Friend
The pain is just so deep, like a wound that will never mend.
But I know your soul surrounds us… I can feel your love so
For the love you instilled is amazing,
And something your family will always hold dear,
I just wish that I could see you... but was not given a choice
Yet I know that you are present, and constantly still hear your
“Don't cry for me I'm happy, & always remember times we share
But Please don't worry your hearts & minds...
As I wasn't even there.
You see...The Lord he came and got me, and took me far
So I wasn't in my body,,, when the devil came to play”.
Words can't begin to describe how I feel
Each night I lay down, stare into space
And pray this isn't real...
So quick you were taken, within the blink of an eye,
We have yet to figure out a pathetic reason why...
No excuse or explanation can ever justify,
The actions of those two heartless men,
They took from our family more than my grandma,
But also my best friend,
The sound of your voice still echos in my head,
I can even hear you sing,
I will miss your smile & the way you make me laugh,
Every little thing
So many memories to cherish, I will never let them go,
I feel your spirit near and remember how you glowed

Grandmama's Girl, that's what you called me
Grandmama's Girl, that's who I will always be
I'll miss coming over and always having you cook
And sneak my fingers in the food, when you wouldn't look
I'd blame it on my mom, cause she's usually the one
Who'd do little things that get on your nerves,
Simply to have fun...
Can't leave out Freddie, your most annoying son
And how he always bugged you and never would be done
You couldn't help but laugh, cuzz we all did the same
We'd keep on buggin you, until you screamed our name
I wish we could bug you, just one more time
To hear you yell at Freddie, would even be fine

Some people may not understand the things our family does
We are simply just different, with many kinds of love
We also could be serious, but we all love to smile
Happiness feels much better, but a smile can go a mile
You were more than my grandma,
You were also my best friend
But that you'll always be until the very end
I could talk to you about anything
And know you'd be there
Not to look at me any different,
But to guide me with your cheer
I told you first about me being pregnant,
With my baby boy
You were so excited to be a great grandma,
And hold your bundle of joy
You called me everyday to send you a new picture
Of me and your boy...growing even bigger
As much as I want you there, the day that he is here
In my heart I know, you will always be near

I stare at the sky, my mind out to sea
A Great Grandmother, you were soon to be
I wish you the chance to spread your love to my son
Now I'll have to tell him...
How you shine brighter than the sun
Grandma I love you so much and hope you rest in peace
And pray that justice takes its toll on those two beasts!
'Grandmama's Girl'
by Angelica “Angie” Maravilla ,
Eldest grand-daughter of Cindy Ramos
Written by Sheryl, one of Moms long time closest friends
in honor of our Mother

You entered my life in a casual way,  
And saw at a glance what I needed;  
There were others who passed me or met me each day,  
But never a one of them heeded.  
Perhaps you were thinking of other folks more,  
Or chance simply seemed to decree it;  
I know there were many such chances before,  
But the others - well, they didn't see it.  

You said just the thing that I wished you would say,  
And you made me believe that you meant it;  
I held up my head in the old gallant way,  
And resolved you should never repent it.  
There are times when encouragement means such a lot,  
And a  word is enough to convey it;  
There were others who could have, as easy as not -  
But, just the same, they didn't say it.  

There may have been someone who could have done more  
To help me along, though I doubt it.  
What I needed was cheering, and always before  
They had let me plod onward without it.  
You helped to refashion the dream of my heart,  
And made me turn eagerly to it;  
There were others who might have (I question that part) -  
But after all, they didn't do it!  

Written by Becky Martinez
Daughter In Law of Cindy Ramos

Today marks another birthday,
But this years is not like the last
The last 7 months have been hard to survive,
But now we'll call it "the past".
Your Mamma would want you to celebrate
This day that both of YOU share
Eat good food, have a few drinks, be "Happy" for awhile,
You know that Mom wouldn't care  
In fact ,you know she's hanging around
To see what's on the Menu tonight
So don't disappoint her , order Lobster and Steak,
YOU know how to do it up right!!!
I know it's still hard ,especially today,
To believe that she really is  gone
But the MEMORIES,  the LOVE, that you TWO have shared ,
Will always go on and go on.

LOVE YA!!!!  
A Small Victory
Written by Becky Martinez after the sentencing
In honor of her mother-in-law, Cindy Ramos

Six months ago today
Those KILLERS took your life away
Without cause, regard or remorse
So now Our lives have taken a new course
Your Family fought Hard and Strong as your Voice
And so those Killers had no Choice
They knew this family wasn't leaving
But behind our Strength there's still much grieving
So for Us all a small Victory in disguise
And Now my Mother N Law ,  
'My Death Sentence'
Poem written by Kimberly Elisan-McKinney
youngest daughter of Cindy Ramos
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Murdered Parents website

For me no gavel hammers,  
The scales were never weighed...
My crime was that of Victim,  
My Life the price I paid...
When My Life was Taken,   
Why were MY Rights not read???
And the statement overruled!!!...   
Declared when they pronounced Me dead???

No lawyer to call on Me,   
To take the witness stand...
My Life was brutally taken,   
My future decided by the offender's hand...   

And now MY voice has been taken,
Yet a lawyer pleads Their case...
No sign of any remorse,
Shows through the smirks upon Their face....

I wish I could take the stand,  
For the jury to witness My last breath...
So they could see the terror in My eyes,   
The moment I faced death...

And how they took me from my children,   
My grandchildren and 1st Great Grandson
Soon to be here...
And how they managed to do all this,  
Without even shedding a tear...

I am not the only victim,   
As my family now suffers too...
They have been Sentenced to a lifetime of pain,   
For I know how they miss me too...

The justice system seems to put...
More emphasis on the criminal’s rights,
Yet even with such brutality,    
It's not even asking for Their life!!!

I am so proud of my children,
Who have been forced to now be ‘My voice’...
They speak as loud as they can to be heard,    
Yet the results just seem so absurd...

But those deciding their fate, missed my pleading cries,
Nor did they see that last look upon my face...
And that's why the scales are so  "Un-Balanced",   
In what seems such an Unfair and Unjust case...

Can the jury really weigh it all...   
When listening to their pleas???
I’m sure their emotions will show now,   
Only in hopes one day they may again be free....

But what about my family???    
And what about my life???
Why Was MY Life Worth So Little...    
That Our Legal System Gives Them So Many Rights?
‘Remebering Cindy Ramos’
                     Written by Becky Martinez
                     Daughter In Law of Cindy Ramos

How do you Forget a Woman
Who had a Natural Heart of Gold
She lived her Life, the Way she Wanted
Willing to Listen, Could not be Told

Beautiful in every Way
Smarter than most people Knew
She would Always have, a good Story to Tell
An Honest Woman , her Stories were All True

Grew Older in Numbers Only
Because Outside, She didn’t look the Part
An Adult, in Certain Situations
Always and Forever , a Kid at Heart

Would give you Food, if you needed to Eat
Gave you Shelter ,if you needed a place to Stay
Too Trusting Sometimes, just one Weakness of Hers
Had She not Been, Maybe She’d be Here Today

SHE….Loved her Family
SHE….Loved her Music
SHE….Loved her Friends
And We all Know………….

“THAT DAY- AUGUST 6, 2009”
                                      Written by Becky Martinez
                                      Daughter In Law of Cindy Ramos

Twelve months of a Lifetime Sentence
Is what Your Family has served since “That Day”
Could have handled it, had it been Natural Causes
But Two Demons , Took You in the Worst Way!
It’s been an Emotionally ,draining Year for Us so Far
Through this all, Your Family has remained Tight
We’ve been through Vigils, Court dates and Fundraisers
And as a Family , We’ll Still Continue Your Fight!

Never would I have guessed , before “That Day”
That Our Family ,could’ve remained So Strong
In Our Hearts, we keep your Love and your Memory
This is Ultimately, what helps Us go On!
Still a Long , Tough Road , We have ahead of Us
For “This Sentence” ,We’ve done Nothing to Deserve
But what “They” didn’t Realize, is that “Your Power has
Now ,As Your Voice, We won’t Stop,” Til We are Heard“!!

So Mama Cindy, Continue to Lead us in Our Mission
The way You have ,throughout the Year that’s gone by
Because your Strength has Increased
With those Big , Beautiful Wings
And We know Your Love , Spirit and Legacy ,will Never

Luv Ya Always N Forever!!…Your Fav Daughter N Law
In Loving Memory of:
In Loving Memory of:
Sunrise: August 22, 1950
Sunrise: August 22, 1950
Sunset: August 6, 2009
Sunset: August 6, 2009
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