fear, and alone.  At times this is almost unbearable.  We have received such an outpouring of support from family,
friends, co-workers, neighbors and complete strangers, and the community here has so much compassion for our
mother, us 6 children, 11 grandchildren, and the first great-grandchild that Mom will never see.  

Please know how much we appreciate each kind word and gesture, and know that comfort is what is helping us get
through this.  We want to thank the Detectives of the Tracy Police Department for all of their support and diligence
with our mothers' case.  They are outstanding.

Lastly, I would like to say that some negative and inaccurate comments were made about my mother and how
inappropriate it was to do so.  She was murdered, and We are Grieving.  Please give us the respect we deserve
because the bottom line is - She did not deserve to die like this.

Thank You.
Family of Cindy Ramos
Our mother/Cindy's death was a result of a senseless act of violence. We were determined to see
to it that justice would be served in her honor. You can read the articles and information below
about the offense, arrest, and the ultimate resolution of the case; as well as about the injustices
within our system that we unfortunately learned that victims and surviving family members
endure throughout the process.  We remain determined to continue to fight for change in our
mother's honor and in hopes of assisting and preventing others victims from enduring what we
know to be so real....For only with unity and a determined fight can there be true change.
Links to a few Memorable Articles
In Remembrance of Our Mother, Cindy Ramos:
The Crime & Arrest
Court Appearances
Some Words From The Family
Some Words From The Family
Family's Initial Public Statement
Articles / News Coverage
A Quest For Justice
News Articles & A Quest for Justice
News Articles & A Quest for Justice
Some Media Articles & Photos of Candlelight Vigils
Our Quest For Justice
Visit the Children of
Murdered Parents website
The Trial
Rather than go to trial, Defendants accepted Life In Prison without the possibility of
parole.  Sentencing of the Two Murderers of Our Mother arrived unexpectedly on
February 2, 2010 when the Morgans decided to plea guilty to 1st Degree Murder with
Special Circumstances and were given
Life In Prison Without the Possibility of Parole!!!
News Articles
In Loving Memory of:
In Loving Memory of:
On August 6, 2009, our Mother was brutally and senselessly murdered.  
At the risk of jeapordizing the case against the suspects, our family does
not want to discuss any details of the case.  We do, however, fully intend
our continued cooperation with legal authorities and pursue justice,
honoring our mothers' memory.  

Our family has been absolutely devastated by this haneous act.  We are
not only grieving the loss of our mother who was taken from us before
her time, but we are also haunted with thoughts of the horror she must
have felt in the final moments of her life.
As we are left trying to put the pieces together and make sense of it all,
we are forced to face a greusome visual of the mother we so loved...
suffering and unthinkable act of violence, in great pain, unimaginable
Sunrise: August 22, 1950
Sunset: August 6, 2009
TV / Video News Coverage
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